Nice to Meet You

Welcome to SoftBloom, my name is Mai!

I handle every stage of production from design to order fulfillment and customer support.

I've always had a passion for creativity and a love for the arts. I never thought that I'd one day own a small business, let alone be creating apparel. The inspiration for SoftBloom sparked when I graduated college in 2022. I had spent months job searching with no luck. The longer it took, the more I felt disappointed. I began to consider other options. That's when I was reminded of my lifetime goal of becoming my own boss someday. Why not do it now?

SoftBloom is based on my love for comfortable, artsy sweaters, stationary, and acccessories!

I'm happy to have you here as part of this journey. I hope to expand my apparel line and bring new, exciting products to you all.

Look forward to it!